Book 1 of TFS:

Alberto Morello was known as one of the most ruthless capos to ever exist. There was only one other man as powerful and ruthless as him and that was his best friend, Francisco Blanco. Francisco and Alberto were raised in the midst of violence, blood, and drugs. 
Their bond was unique and unbreakable. Well, that was until Alberto’s goddaughter, Isadora Blanco, grew up to become Alberto’s strongest and most forbidden desire. He tried to stay away, avoiding her at all cost, but it wasn’t until her twenty-first birthday that Alberto broke his promise to himself. His promise to never act on his lust. His promise to not touch that innocent girl that happened to be his goddaughter.
The problem was just that. That Isadora was not a little girl anymore and that she was far from innocent.
Will Alberto’s desire and obsession for Isadora cause his friendship with Francisco to break? Will he throw caution out the window and claim that goddess of a woman? Or will he keep his lust under control and keep his relationship with Isadora as it was intended? A simple goddaughter-godfather relationship.

Book 2 of TFS:

Alberto Morello and Isadora Blanco thought they could keep their forbidden relationship hidden from Francisco, Isadora’s father and Alberto’s best friend, but when things become known, they realize that they don't only have Francisco to worry about. The mafia wants her just to bring down her father and godfather and little do they know the schemes planned against them.

When the leaders of an unknown rival clan attack and manage to take Isadora mid fight between Capos, the once best friends have to work together to save Isadora before it’s too late, but they were unaware that their rivals had something on Isa that forced her to marry her once ex lover, Mattias Santoro. When Alberto and Francisco find out about the wedding, they try to do everything in their power to stop her, yet they are unable to find her in time. Refusing to give up on his angel, Alberto fights to get her back regardless of her being a married woman now.

Will Isadora be able to keep her forbidden desire under control or will she send everything to hell and find a way to run back to her godfather?

Translated Works

Libro 1 de TFS:

Alberto Morello era conocido como uno de los capos más despiadados que jamás haya existido. Solo había otro hombre tan poderoso y despiadado como él y ese era su mejor amigo, Francisco Blanco. Francisco y Alberto se criaron en medio de la violencia, la sangre y las drogas.

 Su vínculo era único e inquebrantable. Bueno, eso fue hasta que la ahijada de Alberto, Isadora Blanco, creció y se convirtió en el deseo más fuerte y prohibido de Alberto.  Trató de mantenerse alejado, evitándola a toda costa, pero no fue hasta el cumpleaños veintiuno de Isadora que Alberto rompió la promesa que se había hecho a sí mismo. Su promesa de nunca actuar en su lujuria. Su promesa de no tocar a esa chica inocente que resultó ser su ahijada. El problema era solo ese. Que Isadora ya no era una niña y que estaba lejos de ser inocente.

¿El deseo y la obsesión de Alberto por Isadora harán que su amistad con Francisco se rompa? ¿Tirará la precaución por la ventana y reclamará a esa diosa de mujer? ¿O mantendrá su lujuria bajo control y mantendrá su relación con Isadora como estaba previsto? Una simple relación ahijada-padrino.