His Forbidden Goddaughter


To the world, I am Alberto Morello. A ruthless asshole, merciless, dangerous, the definition of death. But to Francisco Blanco, I am his brother, his best friend, the man that swore to rule the world we live in alongside him. That’s why when he asked me to be the godfather of his only daughter, Isadora, I didn’t hesitate to accept. 

I may be a coldhearted bastard to just about everyone in this bloody world, but I swore to care for that little girl as my own. What I never expected was for that little girl to grow into the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. 

I tried to fight the attraction, knowing that it was the one line I couldn’t cross. I couldn’t do that to my best friend, to his sweet girl. I am sick in all ways imaginable, and I couldn’t do that to them, to her… 

But when they both team up against me to get me to come back home after years staying away, will I be able to stop myself from falling into temptation? And if I do have a taste of the forbidden, will I be able to stop?

A dark, forbidden, age gap, father’s best friend romance.

Her Forbidden Desire


I was a fool to think that I could play with fire and not be burned. To think that once I had a taste of her, I would have been able to let go. To think that once I was all in, we wouldn’t be caught. 

The problem was that. That we were so focused on my best friend and her father finding out about us, and didn’t see what was brewing against us. Not until it was too late, and she had been taken right from under my nose. 

Now. Now, I’m out for blood. Because no one touches what belongs to Alberto Morello and lives to tell it. 

The problem is that there are more traitors than we thought, but I don’t mind bringing hell on earth to find my goddaughter. Because I. Will. Find. Her. 

A dark, forbidden, age gap, father’s best friend romance.

The Forbidden Order


If I thought I had lived through hell at the hands of my father’s enemies, I was sadly mistaken. But what did I expect when I was the mafia princess everyone wanted to take down?

What I never imagined was to do this all alone. When all hell broke loose and I no longer had Padrino or Papa to count on, I was forced to take action into my own hands. 

Things weren’t that simple though, since we lived in a man’s world. A world that only believed women were worthy in the bedroom. A world that would do anything to take me out to claim what’s rightfully mine.

But the world should know better than to tell me what to do and mess with what’s mine.

My name is Isadora Blanco Di Luca, and I will show the mafia world how much they need us women. Whatever a man can do, we can do better.

A dark, forbidden, age gap, father’s best friend romance.

Translated Works

Su Ahijado Prohibida


Alberto Morello era conocido como uno de los capos más despiadados que jamás haya existido. Solo había otro hombre tan poderoso y despiadado como él y ese era su mejor amigo, Francisco Blanco. Francisco y Alberto se criaron en medio de la violencia, la sangre y las drogas.

 Su vínculo era único e inquebrantable. Bueno, eso fue hasta que la ahijada de Alberto, Isadora Blanco, creció y se convirtió en el deseo más fuerte y prohibido de Alberto.  Trató de mantenerse alejado, evitándola a toda costa, pero no fue hasta el cumpleaños veintiuno de Isadora que Alberto rompió la promesa que se había hecho a sí mismo. Su promesa de nunca actuar en su lujuria. Su promesa de no tocar a esa chica inocente que resultó ser su ahijada. El problema era solo ese. Que Isadora ya no era una niña y que estaba lejos de ser inocente.

¿El deseo y la obsesión de Alberto por Isadora harán que su amistad con Francisco se rompa? ¿Tirará la precaución por la ventana y reclamará a esa diosa de mujer? ¿O mantendrá su lujuria bajo control y mantendrá su relación con Isadora como estaba previsto? Una simple relación ahijada-padrino.