Nicole Crespo or better known as NiMarie is a Puerto Rican author that was raised in Florida. She found her passion for writing late 2021 after she found an app called Dreame.

She is best known for her first book, Not Your Typical Alpha, that she quickly turned into a trilogy due to its success rate on the app. This trilogy as well as both mafia series have managed to earn her audio books. She currently has several mafia and paranormal books, but hopes to be able to include other categories in the future as well.

Her books have a way of giving you the ride of a lifetime. Several readers have confirmed that they have cried, laughed, and yelled at the characters. Her goal is for all her characters to be as realistic as possible while making an impact through the pages; that includes her villains, of course.

When NiMarie isn’t writing, she loves to catch up on her reading and spend time with her family and friends. She loves reading anything romance related as long as it’s smutty so she can enjoy her favorite Starbucks coffee.

NiMarie’s followers have recognized her as having a thing for cliffhangers, but she claims “she doesn’t know what they are talking about”.


Her books consists of the following list:


Not Your Typical Alpha (Book 1 | Dreame)

The Forced Mafia Princess (Book 1 | Dreame)

My Powerful Luna (Book 1 | Dreame)

The Alpha’s Mistake (NYTA Book 2 | Dreame)

My Sealed Mate (Book 1 | Dreame)

FONTANA (TFMP Book 2 | Dreame)

His Forbidden Goddaughter (Book 1 | Dreame, GoodNovel & Amazon)



The Princess Luna (MPL Book 2 | Dreame)

The Beta’s Bet (Stand Alone | GoodNovel)

Her Forbidden Desire (HFG Book 2 | GoodNovel & Amazon)



Future Books:

My Forbidden Luna (Stand Alone)

Saving My Luna (Stand Alone)

The Alpha's Return (Stand Alone)

My Beta or My Mate (Stand Alone)

The Alpha's Dragon Mate (NYTA Book 3 | Can be read Stand Alone)

Sir Noah (NYTA Book 4 | Stand Alone)

Dominating The Billionairess (Stand Alone)

Sealing My Mate (Stand Alone)

Her Billionaire Angel Investor (Stand Alone)

Others To Be Released Soon...


Social Media:

FB: Author NiMarie

FB Groups: Mademoiselle Marie’s Boudoir & Chicks With Kicks


TikTok: author.nimarie

Pinterest: authornimarie