My Powerful Luna


Victoria Evans is on the run after seeing all the evil things that her pack has been doing to the she-wolves who come of age. A few days before she turned 18 and got her wolf, she had an issue with the beta of the pack. After a physical fight with the evil beta, she barely got away alive. She ran right into the arms of her mate who promises to protect her from everything and anything.

What happens when the one looking for her is also her mate? Join Victoria's story as she learns her true identity while trying to protect herself and her loved ones.

The Princess Luna


After years of being forced apart, things were finally looking up for the royals. All they needed to do was to eliminate all of those who had caused them and several others so much harm. When least expected the royals were attacked only to find out that it was all a distraction to free Alpha Leyon Blackfort, their worst enemy and Princess Victoria Bancroft’s rejected mate.

Princess Victoria has to fight tooth and nail to keep everyone she loves safe from Alpha Blackfort’s wrath. Will she be able to keep everyone safe or will she have to give herself up to their enemies in order to keep everyone else alive?

The Beta's Bet


Axel Barron is the beta of the Crystal Moon pack. His strength and determination caught the attention of the royal pack which is why the royal pack requested that he join the werewolf military. After months of training, Axel was ready for his first mission with the werewolf military. His first assignment was to crack down on the culprits that were kidnapping she-wolves and selling them in the black market.

After weeks of trying to get into the secret operations, he finally managed to receive an invite to their latest event. Hoping to gather as much information to take down the secret operation once and for all, he accepted the invitation to the next mating auction.

What will happen when he discovers that the next bid is non-other than his fated mate? Will he be able to keep his cool and not blow his cover?

Saving My Luna


Daniella Newton is the daughter of the beta of the Night Walker pack. Even though she was the only daughter of the pack’s beta, she was stripped from her right to be the next beta since she didn’t have her wolf. 

Daniella’s father has been misusing pack funds for years and isn’t ready to stop any time soon. At the news of the new upcoming beta taking his position, he decides to offer his only daughter to the upcoming alpha of the pack since he has yet to find his fated mate. The soon to be alpha jumps at the opportunity, having had a secret crush on her his whole life. 

Demetrius Bancroft is due to receive the title as alpha king. Invitations for his ceremony go out to every alpha, beta, and their mates in the country. His best friend, which he met during boot camp, and his chosen mate are amongst the alphas in attendance. The moment Demetrius spots his best friend’s mate, he gets angry at the realization that she is Demetrius’ fated mate. Will he risk it all to be with his mate or will he reject her for the sake of his friendship?